Islamic penises get erected seeing mannequins » No Country for Women

You know, I want to laugh when I see such absurdity, but the sad truth is that this insane, idiotic, backwards and completely juvenile mindset rules the lives of so many women in so much of the world.

It fits right in with the ISIS Fatwa insisting all women in the ISIS controlled city of Mosul in Iraq, ages 14 to 46 submit to Female Genital Mutilation (FMG), also called Female Circumcision. to make it sound more “civilized.”

What, pray tell, is civilised, holy or “clean” as I’ve seen it justified a few times on other articles, about chopping off part or all of a girl’s or women’s labia.  Then sewing her together, leaving only a tiny hole to urinate, leading to painful sexual dysfunction, fistulas after giving birth, and other horrible, sometimes fatal, health problems.

While the barbaric practice of FMG did not start with the Islamic religion, extremist Muslims have certainly adopted such practices into their beliefs and worldviews.  As they have expanded their control over the minds and lives of countless other Muslims, this hideous “procedure” is no longer confined to tiny, isolated areas of the world and has made it’s way into Western societies, coming along with immigrant families who are taught this is the right and proper way to raise their daughters.

See, in my personal opinion, all these efforts to keep men from being “tempted” – apparently over something they can’t reasonably be expected to control…their dicks – has nothing to do with protecting the body and honour of girls and women.  It has everything to do with controlling them.  It is the mark of men who, because they are in general, physically stronger than women, and are raised in deeply entrenched patriarchal societies, use religion as just one more weapon in their aresenal to live the perpetual dream of heterosexual pubescent boys everywhere…use anything and everything to satisfy their hormonal urges and feelings of power.

Keep in mind that I feel this way about all of the major, monotheistic religions.  It’s just that right now, at this time in history, radical Islam is the one causing the most waves worldwide.


6 thoughts on “Islamic penises get erected seeing mannequins » No Country for Women

  1. Apparently you must be being very non-P.C. ! – no other explanation for the lack of comment … My reaction is as I commented yesterday: we know all these things. We KNOW about the medieval beliefs and practices that the most fundamental hold to; so I will assume that you’re unable not to speak your mind when being presented with them yet again, yes ? But as I’ve already stated, I find the silence of those who are not fundamentalists to be the least acceptable aspect of it all.


    • Sigh, let me try this for a 3rd time…stupid phone. Breath on it wrong and poof, there goes your text! 👿 Anyway…

      I do try not to offend or hurt people, but there are some things I just cannot let slide. Have all the bizzare beliefs you want, but do *not* try to infect anyone else with them. I’m actually a fan of the purported but seldom carried out ethos, at least in my personal experience, spouted by religious folks. Now if only they would live what they preach!

      And yup, I agree about the moderate believers needing to stop letting the fundies speak for them. But I also realize that if said crazies have actual power over you, it’s a helluva a lot easier said than done. Especially if they are aiming guns and rockets at you. Again though, that’s where the moderates not in danger need to stand-up and scream NO!

      Oh, and I’ll have you know that I firmly believe I should get a bloody medal for all the things I *don’t* say! 😆 A big shiny one! And a cookie! 😂


  2. I don’t think religion — monotheistic or otherwise — has anything to do with the male’s ability to dominate the female. Rather, perhaps it is that many religions just sanction and make a virtue out of biology. I think many religious people might dispute that, but… It is another thing to use religion to justify cowardice based cruelty and that’s what I see here, cultural acceptance of males’ unwillingness to confront, control and channel their own (natural and human) desires.


    • Agreed. You just put it far more eloquently than I could. (And in fewer words! Guess that’s why *you* are the professor and not me! 😄)

      I still think religion, especially the monotheistic ones, are just flat-out dangerous. Yes, great things have, and continue to be, in the name of faith. But it’s also been used to justify the absolute worst crimes imaginable. And it’s still going on today.


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