Sorry about being MIA

Dear blog friends,

My apologies for being MIA lately.  I will return and post more that a pic about a kitten plotting world domination or the occassional reblogged article.

I’ve just been having a bit of a rough run lately between the loss of my ancient kitty a few weeks ago, the heat and my MS acting up.

Hope everyone is doing well and having a great summer, or winter as the case may be! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Sorry about being MIA

    • Awe, thank you! I’m getting there. Losing kitty was/is the hardest part. I’m always gonna miss her. But I do know how lucky we were to have had her for so long! ☺

      Hugs for you!


  1. We are here. We shan’t run away in your absence. But speaking only for myself, I am desperately sorry to learn that you’ve been having a rough time, especially in losing your old and loved four-footed mate. You will need another, at some stage. X !


    • Thank you. 🙂 I do appreciate it! 💕

      I still keep bursting into tears at the oddest moments and miss her terribly. (Even, on occassion, her Siamese screeching…;))

      I’m not physically doing much better, but I’ll live. Losing my girl has been expected for a long time, but it still sent me spinning. 😥

      We still have another older kitty (he’s 14) and a very senior black lab. Aries (cat) has never been an only kitty before and is having a rough time adjusting. Though like most ‘brothers,’ he did not appreciate his sister in life and was in general, a turd to her… 😄

      After dear puppy is gone though, we’ll be saving to move and will probably end up in an apartment. At which point we will keep it at having one cat. Theoretically cat will outlive dog by several years… He’s only 6 months older than dog, but she’s pretty senior for her breed and not in the best of health. She’s happy and comfy though, thanks to modern veterinarian care! (I’m *not* kidding, they get way better care than we do. And we are the ones with insurance! Grrr…topic for another day.)

      This point in my life is about 25 years sooner than planned, but the truth is that even if we had more money, I just can’t physically care for one without help. Thankfully, Keiko (dog) is no spring chicken herself so short walks happily exhaust her now.

      Thanks again, M-R!


      • Having more than one pet – let alone more than one KIND of pet – is a challenge, regardless. I understand about the cost of vet care: it’s equally horrendous Downunder; and why not, really ? – all the same equipment and personnel !
        I reckon it says something about our world that so many of us have pets and spend so much on them: as if they’re our refuge from people …


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