British Judge Excuses Rapist » Dispatches from the Culture Wars

Unfreakin’ believable!  I’d love to see the sentencing put before a different judge and have this one disbarred!



3 thoughts on “British Judge Excuses Rapist » Dispatches from the Culture Wars

    • Isn’t it though? We can send a human into space, transmit images and sound around the world in mere seconds. As a species, we have accomplished amazing feats of science and technology in little more than a century, which is lightning fast historically speaking…

      And yet, there still there is this predominent mindset found in every human society on the planet…men are smarter, stronger, have better morals, yada yada yada. Women are weaker, physically and mentally; they are morally corrupt. And apparently deserving of any evil that befalls them, because just like any other demon, they use their womanly wiles – simply by virtue of breathing – to seduct the obviously superior gender into committing terrible wrongs. Oh what a terrible burden it must be to be born with a penis! Science, technology and all other human accomplishments aside, men are still heavily disadvantaged…because keeping it in their pants is simply not possible! 😠 😲

      To all my MALE readers and blog fans, please don’t take the preceeding rant seriously. I do NOT hate men. And yes, I know that men like this article’s rapist and asshole, misogynist excuse for a judge, do *not* represent your gender as a whole.

      It’s just that I am so sick and tired to hear yet another story involving the horrific crime of rape, is again victimized. I find it even more horrifying that once again, this horrible fiasco of a trial masquerading as “justice” played out in our “enlightened” and “modern” western society. One of the worst possible violations a person – of *any* gender – can experience was carried out by a sleazy excuse for a human being. The person entrusted to mete out suitable consequences and keep him off the streets, a man in a position of enourmous power over others, made EXCUSES for the perpetrator and ensured he will soon be free to hurt yet more people!

      As a judge, as a member of a justice system he vowed to uphold, to protect and serve the people in a supposed democracy…as a human being…HE FAILED!

      So yeah, I’m pretty pissed about now. Who will the cretin rapist, who is actually “a good man” the made a “terrible mistake* and simply “lost control,” going to hurt the next time he “loses control?” Another woman? A child?

      When is this idiotic, misogynistic and infantile mindset that men are the victims, forced by the collosall misfortune to be born with an apparentlly *uncontrollable body part* – their penis – ever going to stop? When are we, as a species, going to stand united, declare and enforce, true equality and bodily autonomy for every single person on earth – regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, religion or lack there of, socio and economic circumstances?

      Sigh. Climbing down off soap box now.

      Sorry folks, had to get that out. 😯


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