India, Rape Culture and Misogny – TRIGGER WARNING

Trigger warning:  The below reblog was written by an East Indian medical student currently living and working in India.  It contains material that may easily offend a good number of people.

A reminder that all comments on my blog are moderated.  If you are offended by this post and wish to lash out at me or any of my other readers, your comments will *not* be approved. Threats and personal attacks will result in your being immediately banned.

Please read my below preface and proceed at your own risk.


From a blogger who writes under the pseudonym Avicenna on his Freethought blog, “Atheist Medical Student Stuck in a Land of a Million Gods.”

It’s a very long post, but *well worth* the time it takes to read.

It delves deeply into culturally dangerous ground, discussing as it does – at length – the misogny & rape culture so deeply embedded in Indian society….and how one feeds the other to hurt both men and women.

Again, remember this is *not* my work.

However, I do think it’s a very important contribution in the fight for equality for all genders, and strongly believe it is a very important article that needs to reach as many people as possible.  Please understand that I am not reblogging this with any racial, sexist or political motive.

A Thug in Velvet – Revisited » A Million Gods


9 thoughts on “India, Rape Culture and Misogny – TRIGGER WARNING

  1. The thing that instantly sticks in my craw about this entire issue is that while women are suffering at the hands of men, it is the men’s damned MOTHERS who are creating the scenario. Just like the mafia. Just like those Pakistani mothers who kill their daughters for ‘honour’. (Yes, I do realize that fathers are involved, too: but I’m addressing the female problem.) Seems to me that most of the horrible problems written about could be done away with if the mothers were brought to their senses.


  2. Wow rarely have I read an article with such a thought provoking article with blatant honesty and dignity….it is definitely well worth the read. Thanks so much for sharing


    • My thoughts exactly! I really hope folks reblog this everywhere – *with full credit to Avicenna,* of course. I was literally in awe when I read it and could think of nothing to say other than “Bravo.” I think it took one helluva a lot guts on Avicenna’s part to write it *and* post it! Even doing so under a pseudonym too a lot of courage given that he’s still living there.

      Thank you for reading it. I’m sure a comment directly on his post would be appreciated. No pressure intended. It’s just that this is quite possibly the best blog post I’ve ever seen! I sincerely hope it goes viral!


    • Actually, I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to copy and paste your response here directly onto his blog comments section. I’ll leave your name out, of course, but will make it clear it was not from me.


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