Postage Stamp: Poem by William Hart-Smith

Not my usual kind of re-blog or post. But it was too good to pass on. From Barbara Pyett’s blog. Enjoy. 🙂

Barbara Pyett

On Canberra busses in the 90s they had poems displayed, maybe they still do. It really made the journey so enjoyable. One poem I remember was called ‘Postage Stamp’, written by William Hart-Smith. This poem is such good advice for someone going through a separation.

If you should ever have to part from someone dear,
tear yourself away.
Be sure the tear is where the perforations are.
Please, please do not ever recklessly sever,
shear yourself from some one other
so that their stamp is torn
and you have part of their living,
bleeding flesh at your side worn.

From Selected Poems 1936-84 Angus and Robertson


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