The Long and Short of It: Looking Back on the History of Same-Sex Marriage, One Year after Windsor

I haven’t much too add except to this re-blog aside from my opinion that I think this is a great article. The book it talks about has been added to my ever-growing list of wanted books! 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Long and Short of It: Looking Back on the History of Same-Sex Marriage, One Year after Windsor

  1. Once we experience equal marriage- friends marrying, or seeing a marriage in the town, or news reports- it becomes so effortlessly normal. People celebrating their love give a moment’s joy to passing strangers. What was all the fuss about?


    • First, allow me to thank you for stopping by and for commenting.

      That’s the whole reason I reblog so pieces about important issues that I care deeply about, as I did with this article. To keep the conversations going until things like marriage equality, misogny, violence against women and child abuse, to name a few, alive. To help fan the flames of discussion until they are no longer problem.

      In regards to this article and the issue of equal marriage rights, I don’t understand it myself. I don’t think anyone should have the right to tell grown adults who they should or should not love.

      Is it at first uncomfortable to witness PDA between same a sex couples if you weren’t raised around it? Or have been taught to believe it’s a sin against nature and whatever god(s) you believe in?

      Of course it is! And while such a reaction is perfectly normal, thinking you have the right to stifle them is not. The problem is not, and should not, be put onto the the same sex or transgender couples.

      It’s on the rest of us to learn, accept and not judge. LGBT people have been around as long as any humans have. The only difference between now and the public’s living memory, is that by now, we should know better than to force them to live in the closet. To renounce their true selves and conform to what other people say is “normal.”

      It was that long ago that the only “acceptable” way to exist many parts of the world, was to be born a hetero white male into a family of substantial means. This is just another of the many hurdles mankind has not yet, as a species, overcome.


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