The War on Women Continues

Indian Minister: Rape is ‘Sometimes’ Wrong, and Sometimes ‘Right’ – NBC

I thought when this story first came out it couldn’t get any sadder.  I was wrong.


5 thoughts on “The War on Women Continues

  1. The entire social fabric of India is revolting. And yet there are so many wonderful Indian people. If only they would get together and enforce change …


    • Exactly. The people are great, but the country’s social & political culture is horrific. Changes are happening, but far too slowly in my opinion. How many more women, girls and people of all genders in the lower castes have to suffer & die before things change?


        • I’m inclined to agree in that I have serious doubts it will change in our lifetimes, but maybe in another few hundred years. At least now it’s a lot harder for people and regimes to hide themselves under rocks and pretend their twisted values are superior or universal. I try to remember that as far as equality for everyone has come in Western society, it’s really not that long ago when the only reasonably safe people were white, heterosexual males in a certain income bracket. While still true to a large extent, there have been great strides forward in living memory.


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