20 Years ago today…

On this day, exactly 20 years ago, a very special little girl was born.

She was born to a young mother and was part of a set of quintuplets.

The beautiful young lady had her hands full.  Alas, as is too often the case, she could not keep all of them.  Her family was very supportive and wanted to help, but they still had young children at home themselves.  There was no help for it, they would have to be adopted out…

Unfortunately, few are able to take on several infants at one time, so the children had to be separated.

Much as it pained me to separate the only baby girl from her siblings, and a mother who obviously loved her dearly, I could only take one…

Six weeks after the birth, after intensive interviews by the concerned grandparents, the adoption went through and I arrived to pick-up my newest family member.

Her birth mother sat forlornly on her bed, slightly dazed and confused as I approached.  The other babies had already been picked up by their new families, leaving only mine.  I stroked her hair, apologized profusely for taking her last baby…

With a bittersweet mixture of sorrow and joy, lifted my tiny, wiggling new daughter into my arms.  And with one last sad goodbye to the birth mother, we were off to start our new life together.

It’s been a grand 20 years and I’m so grateful to have such a special little girl in my life.  Watching her grow and learn, has been worth every tear, every sacrifice.

Happy Birthday, Sheera Cat!  🙂

Had you going there for while, didn’t I?


9 thoughts on “20 Years ago today…

  1. Happy Birthday to the two decade old Sheera Cat!!! I actually thought of your cat’s birthday earlier this week – like I remembered you said this milestone was coming up when we were sharing comments a couple weeks ago – and I just had to drop by and send some birthday greetings – meow! ❤

    and our 2 doggies turn 9 years old in July – woo hoo – pets rock!


    • Why thank you! Sheera and I both appreciate your kind words! 🙂

      Until now, I’ve not had a kitty live anywhere near this long, so I’m a very proud Momma.

      And yes, animals rock! They aren’t just pets, they’re members of our families. Just in case it passes and I somehow miss it, please give your doggies a birthday cuddle…and an extra treat…from me! And from Sheera! 🙂


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