New Favourite Quote

My own opinion is enough for me, and I claim the right to have it defended against any consensus, any majority, anywhere, any place, any time. And anyone who disagrees with this can pick a number, get in line, and kiss my ass.

Christopher Hitchens, 1949 – 2011

Journalist, Author and Social Commentator


6 thoughts on “New Favourite Quote

  1. I love it! Your posting brought a smile to this old man, along with words I heard in my mind saying “You go Girl”! What you have written is what millions of people have in their hearts but are not brave enough to express.


    • Awe, shucks, thank you Pete!

      It’s actually not mine though. It’s a quote from my favourite and now (sadly) deceased atheist writer, Christopher Hitchens. The world lost a great thinker when he died in 2011.

      I’m so glad you replied. (Speaking of which, I’ll edit that post so it’s more easily identified as belonging to Hitchens.) The sentiment behind his quote is something I’m striving to live now. I spent a lot of years trying to justify my existence to people who who really didn’t deserve that much effort on my part. But I’ve finally had enough…I will *not* be silenced any longer! 🙂


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