Spam Followers

Spam Followers, they are truly a major pet peeve of mine.  In a word, I HATE them.

As of a couple days ago, I have two.  Neither has commented on anything I’ve posted or re-blogged.

Side Note: To be clear, I re-blog only posts that I personally think deserve to be as widely shared as possible.  They can be about causes I feel strongly about, or just find interesting and/or funny.  (Though there are also many other posts I would love to re-blog, but if I’m don’t restrain myself this would soon cease to even be my blog!) Also, I always do my best to obtain permission from the original poster, as well as add my own comments to ensure it is very clear that every piece I re-blog is NOT my work.

Now, back to my pet peeve about Spam Followers.  After the first one “joined” my list of Followers just a few weeks after I started this blog, I followed his link back to the source and discover he is part of a Pyramid scheme selling a “miracle health drink.”  Now in my country, Canada, this is illegal, so imagine my surprise after searching the  Support Pages for WordPress to find out that I can do NOTHING to get rid of this modern day snake oil salesman.

As he hasn’t even bothered to post a single word on my blog, or respond to my personal request that he stop following me, I can’t even find a way to mark him as Spam.  The truly sad part with this young fellow – IF what his lengthy bio states is true – is that he’s managed to rake in a good number of followers actually thanking him for following their blogs.  I actually read a few dozen of the replies, which made me both angry and sad.

Angry because he obviously used some kind of keywords spamming software to seek out and target bloggers like me.  Bloggers with serious, debilitating and life long diseases and other medical conditions, so he could prey on them.  I researched his so-called miracle product and in minutes was able to find plenty of medical articles proving the claims his site makes are sheer bogus.

Spammers like this don’t even bother to make the effort of seeking their prey and potential victims themselves.  No, they use spam bot software that targets the vulnerable.  When you are always sick and there is no known cure for whatever ails you, there are low times when you are feeling so low, desperate and discouraged, that it is all too easy to latch onto to anyone or anything, that promises to help.

And that’s what makes me sad.  Sad for those that in a moment of naiveté or vulnerability, they actually believe the people behind such spam actually cared enough to make a human connection.  Sad that said people are so focussed on making money, they don’t stop to think of those they might be hurting.

It’s offensive, hurtful and in a very real sense, abusive, to target people who are sick and vulnerable with false hopes all so you can make some money.  And here’s a newsflash, being chronically ill is bloody expensive!  Yet these types of spammers don’t give a damn if they manage to take money from one the already poorest demographics there is.  (Generally speaking.)

My most recent Spam Follower seems to have use the same route as the first did – Spam Bot Seeking Keywords software.  In his case, it appears he’s pushing his fitness routine.  I haven’t made any attempt to contact this one, but will say that on his site he actually appears to talk to people.  Whether that’s his customers only or not, I couldn’t say.

So, if they can Follow my blog with impunity, I see no reason I can’t can’t name them in my post and expose them for the cowards they truly are!

The first one, whom I call the Modern Day Snake Oil Salesman, is qkuafman and his blog is a WordPress one.  I find his to be the more offensive of the two simply because of all the posts on his “About” page from so many people thanking him for following their blog and not a single reply from him.

The second one is called fitnesfreak.  I had to Google this one as if he does have a WordPress blog, I can’t find it.  I will say his business appears to be legit.  To be honest, I didn’t look too deeply into his.

And that, folks, is one of my personal Pet Peeves!


9 thoughts on “Spam Followers

  1. Don’t fret,my dear: the blogosphere is chokka with people who follow for reasons one is completely unable to work out. If you find yourself on a blogsite that says it has 3,588 followers, you can bet your bottom dollar that at least a third of them are ‘followers’ who do absolutely nothing: no participation, no comments – probably not even reading your posts ! There has to be a reason for it, but no-one has been able to supply one so far – at least, not to me.


    • Thank you, Margaret, for your kind words!

      I feel quite honoured to have published author stop by my site and take the time to comment on a post. 🙂

      I actually do know why these spammers target personal blogs. And it’s seldom actual people who do the spamming, at least not the hard work of finding new targets. Most use data mining software that seek keywords and then if yours has any that might have even a slight possible connection to whatever they are selling, they “Follow” you.

      In my case, I’m attracting these unwanted followers because their data mining software picked up on several health related terms, i.e. MS, Multiple Sclerosis, Disability, etc. A few even went to the effort of trying to leave a comment assuring me they weren’t “real spammers,” but Askimet quarenteed them. When I clicked on their web addresses, sure enough they were looking for money! I zapped them. 😉

      I had a quick peek at your site and liked it, so am now a Follower of yours! I’ll be back to explore it more, and to read more about your book, after I get some sleep and have more time. I hope you’ll stop by mine every now and then too. 🙂

      In closing, please accept my sincere condolences on the loss of your beloved husband. I can’t even begin to grasp that kind of loss and pain.

      My husband and I will celebrate our 18th in May and I can’t picture life without him.


  2. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a Spam Follower. I’m not popular enough to spam follow, I’m so jealous! lol


    • You know what’s really weird? I think I may have acquired a 3rd one right after posting this. Not sure yet, but their site seems to be trying to sell something.

      Sigh. This kind of popularity I can live without! I hate door to door sales pitches too. Religion, candy or politics, I don’t care what the’re are selling. Hmm, that reminds me, I gotta put the “No Soliciting” sign back on the door. With nicer weather rolling around, it won’t be too long before the religious zealots are back out again. And there’s an election coming up soon…

      I’m not anti-social, I just don’t like people. 😉


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