Dear friend: Words have meanings.

If you are against full access to safe, legal abortion, then you need to read this.
If you are pro-choice and believe in true equality for everyone, and I hope you are, then here is an excellent article you can use to help (hopefully) drag the uniformed or just plain wrong thinking, people you know into the 21st century.

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perry street palace

[TRIGGER WARNING:images of embryos, f-bombs.]

In the space of less than five minutes, things turned very ugly. Maybe you won’t even read this, and that’s fine: you owe me absolutely nothing. Nor I you.

I am still angry and deeply hurt, but less so as the days pass. It’s good to know where I really stand with you: that my happiness and my life (to say nothing of the lives and happiness of billions of other people) mean less to you than this does:


FIG 1. Human embryo at 9 weeks clinical gestation. (Optical Topography)
Actual size = approx. 2.3 cm.
Three quarters of all U.S. abortions are performed by 9 weeks.
(9 weeks is also the cutoff for a medication abortion via mifepristone.)

Our mutual friend said that I took your words beyond their face value to mean something you never intended. Well, that is because your…

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