What Equality Means

Please note: This post is actually quite a bit bigger than the one I’m reblogging. Sorry about that, but Human Rights and Equality issues are very hot button topics for me. I hope this does not deter anyone from reading the original article by Csishadow.

This reblogged article was written by a friend in the LGBT community who my husband and I have become very close to. We now regard her as family now and like most families, we hate to see each other hurting.

Unfortunately, this adopted sister of ours lives in an area where religion holds far too much sway in determining the local laws and government. I will never understand why anyone, regardless of their own personal beliefs, thinks they have the right to tell people who they can love and who they can marry.

This is not just about a lack of education on these would be legislators. Ignorance can be rectified, but only if one is willing to try seeing past their own bias. Quoting from holy books and other kinds of scripture, does not automatically infer any kind of superior morality.

Being gay, bi-sexual or transgender does not mean someone is lacking in morals, dishonest or evil. While I personally do not believe in any kind of higher power, I DO respect and fully support religious freedom.

Written language has been around far longer than the earliest known copies of the Bible, Quran and other texts still consulted and believed to be the actual words of God and his prophets. Before written language came along, our ancestors used pictographs and symbols to record what wanted to communicate to others.

The Greek Pantheon of Gods is but one group of ancient, yet still easily recognized, historical figures. Before the “rise” (and fall) of these particular “gods,” there were others. Every pocket of humanity that has ever lived anywhere on this planet, has seen the rise and fall of what people fervently believed to be powerful, otherworldly beings we called gods.

And, I’m quite sure, every devout follower of these ancient religions – even those practiced long before the advent of written language to “prove” the existence of such deities – would’ve argued that the “laws” of their god(s), were the absolute truth and completely inviolate.

So what makes the god of the Christianity’s bible, or Allah as he is called in Islam, any more real than those revered by people in ancient history? How is that the traditions and laws of those gods – orally passed down from one generation to the next, before the use of written language ever came about – are any less true or relevent?

From my point of view, they are no greater or less true, than those touted by followers of any religion currently practiced anywhere on the planet. A believer’s sacred texts do not offer any more proof of their god(s) existence and laws than say, one of the ancient religions that may have called for the ritual sacrifice of a young, female virgin to ensure a good crop.

Yes, that does sound absurd, doesn’t it? And that, my friends, is precisely the point. Just because you think the idea of two people of the same gender having sex (oh yeah, I went there!), getting married and maybe choosing raise a family, is wrong, immoral and against God’s Laws, does not make it so. Mankind will continue to produce heterosexual, gay, lesbian and transgender babies long after we are all dead and gone.

If you want to shake your bible (insert holy text of choice) at me to prove such unions will bring about the End of Days, feel free. But please stay off my property and out of my legislator’s seats while you do so. If your god is that upset about my adopted sister’s choice of mate, he (or she), is welcome to knock on my door and personally express their displeasure.

Better yet, being an almighty being with powers beyond us mere mortals, then let them prove their existence to everyone, the world over. Perhaps it’s time they come out of the shadows and talk to everyone, not just a favoured few.

Until then, stop telling the rest of us how to live and who to love. I won’t try to impose my beliefs on you. But I expect the same consideration in return.

Cheers from a straight girl who loves and is proud of her new(ish) lesbian sister and friend! Love you, Csisshadow!

Csishadow's Blog

To me.  Equality means having the same opportunities as everyone else. 

For example, applying for a job that I am qualified for.  Renting or purchasing an apartment or home in an area I want to live in.  Buying that car or truck to get around with.  Living my life as I see fit, so long as it doesn’t detract from someone else’s life.  But most importantly, equality means getting married to that special someone and spending the rest of my life with them.

It just so happens that this special someone would be a woman.  That’s right, a woman.  Now there are people out there who believe that the LGBTQI community should not have these opportunities.  That we don’t deserve equal protection under the law, nor should we be allowed to marry the person we fell in love with.

These folks call us names, shout scriptures at us, sadly….some do…

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