New Body Please

Excuse me sir, could you direct me to correct aisle for new bodies?

What’s that, you’re running low at the moment? Oh, just on the younger, hot looking models. That’s quite alright. I’d be more than happy for a female model that appears in her mid-forties, wrinkles, grey hairs, a few extra pounds and all. I just want one that works like any other relatively healthy mid-40s woman should.

No, I don’t particularly care about race. Sure, switching from a relatively colourless one like my current, broke down model, will take a bit of adjustment, but I’ll adapt. After all, my husband’s been telling me for over 20 years now that he loves me no matter what I look like!

Aisle three, you say? Splendid!

Pardon me? You also have a free Delivery Service and for just a small fee they’ll even assemble it for me? Wonderful!

Lead on, my good man, lead on.


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