My new Home!

I have another blog I started a couple of months ago and about 6 weeks before joining WordPress, that will be deleted as soon as I remove the little content I have there, over to here. Then WordPress will officially be my new blog Home!

Blogging is something I’ve wanted to do for years, but never quite worked up the courage.  Not having be able to work in over a decade, I’m also very technologically behind the times…so when I started the first blog, I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I thought it was a WordPress blog.  So finally when I a bunch of clues led me to realize I might be wrong about it, I joined WordPress a few weeks back just so I could seek help in the Support Forum.

Michelle, one of the local genius volunteers, very quickly helped me realize that the blog I had was indeed not a WordPress one.  Now I really liked the set up of the other one and was quite proud of the blog I had set up over there, but there was a major problem.  There is no active support forum, at least that I can find, though they do have a Support Page with a large number of great articles in their Knowledge Base.  Problem is, if you’re a complete newbie like me, sometimes you need to speak to an actual person to answer something that might be obvious to more experience bloggers, but not so much for us newbies.

This other site does provide an option to submit a Support Ticket Help Request and they do answer.  Unfortunately, the support is staffed by a very small team of volunteers and it can take weeks to actually get a reply.  And that’s not going to work for me as I’m afraid it would be just too easy for me to give up in despair.

So, over the rest of this weekend, I’ll be moving my content over from that other blog to here and once it’s done, will delete it.


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