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Hello my friends,

This is something I’ve never done before – reblogged or in anyway advertised a Kickstarter campaign (or anything else that I recall)- so I hope that indicates for you just how badly I want this to succeed.

Opinionated Man (OM) of the personal blog, *HarsH ReaLiTy, is a devoted husband and a father. He has reached a crossroads in life…he must either have a successful Kickstarter with a modest goal of $10,000 (minimum) so he can write full-time, or be forced to cut his blogging activities down by 90%. I fear if he does, he will cease blogging altogether. And that I believe would be a tragic loss for all of us.

ON is, as the username suggests, a very opinionated fellow, who does a lot of what I call “Life Commentary” on a variety of subjects. He does so with great humour, sharp wit, keen insight and much kindness.

If you’ve never had the good fortune to come across his work, then I strongly advise you pop over soon and have yourself an in-depth look around his material.

If it’s you’re first visit to HaRsH ReaLiTy, I’d reccomend you start with his longer, meatier articles. They will, I believe, better demonstrate his writing chops! Though to be clear, his poetry and short posts are nothing to be sneezed at.

Jason (OM’s offline name 😊), my sincere apologies for letting this one escape before fully polished.

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I know what I have said about kickstarters and asking people to help you with your dream. I also know there is a guy currently running a “kickstarter” to make potato salad and people have donated 50,000 dollars to him so far. I don’t expect 50,000 dollars from anyone, but I have accepted the fact that you can never know what is possible if you never ask. I chose that dollar amount because it is honestly close to what I make now at my day job.

I have written this website for close to 17 months now and I have had a great time building it. Unfortunately life happens and changes come with that. Two things for me have changed recently. My oldest daughter turns 5 years old next week and my youngest turns 4 the next month. I also have encountered some “changes” in my own work and…

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India, Rape Culture and Misogny – TRIGGER WARNING

Trigger warning:  The below reblog was written by an East Indian medical student currently living and working in India.  It contains material that may easily offend a good number of people.

A reminder that all comments on my blog are moderated.  If you are offended by this post and wish to lash out at me or any of my other readers, your comments will *not* be approved. Threats and personal attacks will result in your being immediately banned.

Please read my below preface and proceed at your own risk.


From a blogger who writes under the pseudonym Avicenna on his Freethought blog, “Atheist Medical Student Stuck in a Land of a Million Gods.”

It’s a very long post, but *well worth* the time it takes to read.

It delves deeply into culturally dangerous ground, discussing as it does – at length – the misogny & rape culture so deeply embedded in Indian society….and how one feeds the other to hurt both men and women.

Again, remember this is *not* my work.

However, I do think it’s a very important contribution in the fight for equality for all genders, and strongly believe it is a very important article that needs to reach as many people as possible.  Please understand that I am not reblogging this with any racial, sexist or political motive.

A Thug in Velvet – Revisited » A Million Gods


She’s gone…


Sigh.  Hope you don’t mind if I cry a bit.

We lost one of our furbabies yesterday.

It was the grand old dame, Sheera.  She went off her wet food a few weeks ago and not even adding tuna helped.  Though she did keep eating her kibble, her tired little body needed more and the weight loss started.

Yesterday she had trouble keeping her balance and seemed to keep zoning out mentally.  One emergency trip to the vet and we came home with an empty kennel.

In memoriam:

Sheera (Missy Cat)

May 8, 1994 to June 30, 2014

Thank you, baby girl, for a wonderful 20 years.  We will miss you greatly.

All our love,

Mom and Dad Cat

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WHY? Another child tortured to death…WHY????

For walking home from school with a male classmate » Butterflies and Wheels

Father MONSTER, burns his 13 year old daughter for the horrible crime of walking home from school with a boy.  It took this poor child 9 agonizing days to die.

No, religion and “honour” codes are just harmless cultural anomalies.  There is no war on women.  No need for feminism…  F**K THAT!



8 Things the Anti-Vax Lobby Doesn’t Understand » A Million Gods

This is one of the better blogs I’ve ever seen that effectively blows the anti-vaccine idiots badly misinformed people who tout the benefits of rejecting decades of proven vaccines that have saved countless lives.